Kostol sv. Františka Xaverského
Jesuit Church of St. Francis Xavier is unique as it is the only church built by the Protestants for the Catholics. The church was built in the years 1658 – 1687 on the site of the old town hall, on the northern side of the Watchtower. The only thing that has been preserved from the original town hall is the basement under the nave of the church, which serves as a tomb for dignitaries of the Premonstratensian. On both sides of the front door, there are two very rare wooden carvings – statues carved from linden wood embodying Moses and King David. The church is a monument to the work of the Jesuits, and later the Premonstratensian. In the second half of the 18th century, a chapel with a stone statue of St. Ján Nepomucký was built next to the church. On both sides of the statue there are two angels, the left being depicted with a finger on his mouth and symbolizing the patron saint of confession.

The church was started by order of the Rožňava landowner and Archbishop of Esztergom Juraj Lippay. The construction work took quite a long time, because the burghers of Rožňava reluctantly built this re-catholic building during the Reformation and therefore used low-quality cheap materials from the ruined town hall for the construction. Maybe that was the reason why the vault fell off one summer day. After the abolition of the Jesuit order, the church was under the administration of the Franciscans and then in the hands of the Premonstratensian, who founded a grammar school in Rožňava. As a part of the teaching process, the church was also visited by students of this grammar school – hence the name “student church”. The church is currently used by the Salesian community.

When can you visit the church?

The church is open during the mass: Monday – Friday: 7.00 am; Sunday: 8.30 am.

The church is located on the Miners’ Square next to the watchtower. You can find the location of the church on the map on the subpage Monuments.