Kostol a kláštor františkánov - Kostol sv. Anny
The Franciscan Church and Monastery is a significant feature of the northern side of the historic center of Rožňava. In 1733, Franciscans came to the city to alleviate the ongoing religious unrest. They began to build their temple in the second half of the 18th century, but due to numerous fires they did not manage to complete it until the end of the century. Devastating flames engulfed the church four times during the construction. The church is characterized by a classicist facade and a baroque bell-shaped roof of the tower. In the upper part of the facade, there is a painted stucco divine eye with rays, which can see everything according to the superstition. The interior of the church is decorated with many late-Baroque altars. Until 2009, the monastery building was used as a District Archive, today it houses the civic association Kultúrno-kreatívne centrum Kláštor (Cultural and creative center).

Anton Andrássy, who had been a bishop here since 1780, was also buried in the monastery. However, he did not want to acknowledge the secular divorce, which is why he had been punished and taken from the episcopal seat. Subsequently, Anton Andrássy took refuge in the monastery, where he also died.

When can you visit the church?

The church is open during mass: Monday – Saturday: 7.00 am; Sunday: 11:00.
The masses are held in Hungarian language.

The church is located on the northern side of Miners’ Square. You can find the location of the church on the map on the subpage Monuments.