Morový stĺp v Rožňave

The Plague Column with the statue of the Virgin Mary in Rožňava, on Miners’ Square, was made in memory of the plague. In 1710, 2125 citizens of Rožňava lost their lives in the plague epidemic. At the top of the tall rectangular column there is a life-size statue of the Virgin Mary. Mary stands on the symbolic globe in a long cloak with her hands clasped in prayer, trampling with her right foot on the head of the serpent symbolizing the plague. The plague column is located in the square in front of the episcopal residence. You can find this monument on the map on the subpage Monuments.

In the square we can only see a copy of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, which was placed on a new column as the original sandstone column was damaged. The original statue has been restored and placed in the historic town hall.