Tunnel under Homôlka hill (Slavošovce tunnel) is a unique technical monument located in the Slovak Ore Mountains near the village Slavošovce, which many of us certainly know in connection with local paper mills. A 2,400-meter-long walk in complete darkness with only a flashlight is a special experience that is worth experiencing.

How to get there:

From Magnezitovce or Slavošovce you can walk through the 2.4-kilometer tunnel. From Slavošovce in front of the municipal office (parking place) you will cross a side street that passes through the railway line. Continue along the same road, which ends in a few hundred meters, and it continues towards the mountains as a path. After you walk into the forest, the stream flows along the road. Walk straight on, you will come to a wooden board with a tunnel sign. The entrance to the tunnel is located just below the surface in a wide pit, with a wooden ladder serving as a staircase. More information can be found at http://ciernediery.sk/slavosovsky-a-koprassky-tunel/

Autorka fotografií: Nataša Vjesztová