Brzotínske skaly - Silická planina

Brzotín rocks from its viewing rock platform offers a unique view of the surroundings, especially to the Rožňava basin. They are located on the northwestern slope of the Silická plateau, above the village Brzotín and Brzotín ponds at an altitude of 598 m above sea level. Brzotín rocks have been available to tourists since 2017.

The geological structure of Brzotín rocks is mainly due to the Middle Triassic light Wetterstein limestones.

How to get there:

The villages of Jovice, Plešivec, Silica and the Gombasek resort are good starting points for the viewing rock.

From Plešivec, the blue tourist route passes through the Silická planina in a south-easterly direction. Following this route, you can reach the 43 m deep city abyss, and continue there along the green tourist sign. From Jovice follow the blue sign.

From Gombasek follow the yellow sign and continue along the green tourist sign. More information can be found at