Drnava lies in the Čremošná valley at the junction of the Volovské hills and the Slovak Karst. The village belonged to the castle estate Krásna Hôrka. The ironwork, which was located here, was already one of the most important in Hungary in the 1930s. One of the most famous iron ore mines in the village was the Dénes / Dionýz mine, named after Count Dionýz Andrássy.

The nature trail is 4.5 km long. You will return to the glorious times of mining, see historical monuments and discover the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Route: Drnava ironworks, Dionýz adit, Chapel of the Virgin Mary, manor-house of Andrássy family, Church of St. Nicholas Bishop, common oak (was planted around 1670)

 How to get there:

Drnava is located 12 km east of Rožňava.

Direction Košice – behind the village Krásnohorské podhradie at the crossroads in front of Soroška turn left.