The educational trail from Krásnohorská Dlha Lúka to Krásnohorská Cave ideally fulfills the goals we have in the presentation of the world’s natural heritage. The sidewalk is situated in a beautiful environment overlooking the castle Krásna Hôrka and leads next to the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Water Mill. During their stops in a time interval of 60 minutes, the visitor will get acquainted not only with the beauties of the Slovak Karst National Park, the caves of the Slovak Karst, which are inscribed on the world natural heritage but also with the history of the exploration.

Trail length: 800 m (route up to the castle 4 km),
relative elevation gain: 20 m,
number of stops: 5.

Basic information about the world natural heritage – Caves of the Slovak Karst and information about the locations of accessible caves of the region can be read on the information panel number 0. It is located at the Krásna Hôrka Castle.

How to get there:

From Rožňava about 10 km in the direction of Košice (Krásnohorské Podhradie, Lipovník, Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka) or direction Zvolen (Jovice, Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka).

By bus from Rožňava to Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka. A yellow tourist route passes through the village, which begins in the town of Rožňava and ends on the Silická plateau at the Škridlový košiar signpost (540 m above sea level). It is along this tourist route that you can get from the village of Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka (to the north) to the Mausoleum of Dionýz Andrássy and to the castle Krásna Hôrka.