For centuries, copper, iron, but also gold, silver and mercury were mined in Rožňava. The author of the educational trail designed to show as many mining works and traces of mining activities as possible. The educational trail is one-way (so far), leads to the south side of the Rákoš hill (800 m) and represents a complete circuit with a length of about 10 km with five information panels. For the most important mining works, there are tables with the names of the work. Route: Rožňava, Podrákoš – Schlosser adit – remains of a cable car guard house – Žigmund adit – Berta adit – Sitemkou adit – Rožňava. The route can be managed at a comfortable pace in 4 – 5 hours.

How to get there:

We can get to the nature trail from the bus station in Rožňava in about 25 minutes following the yellow tourist route, which leads from Rožňava to Krásna Hôrka Castle. The trail starts (ends) at the same point on the yellow sign in the Podrákoš locality, where there is an introductory panel with information about the educational trail on the edge of the forest above the Slovnaft petrol station.