It is the lowest ice cave in the world. Its entrance is located at an altitude of 503 m above sea level. The entrance portal part of the cave, from which it is possible to look into the cold gut with smaller formations of ice decoration, is freely accessible to the public. However, the entry into the deeper parts of the cave is forbidden and dangerous. The cave is part of the Silicko-Gombasecký underground system, it is more than 1000 m long and more than 100 m deep. Before glaciation, it was inhabited by prehistoric people, as evidenced by a number of archaeological findings.

How to get there:

The Silica ice cave is hidden in forests 2 km west of the village Silica on the Silická plateau in the Slovak Karst.

A hiking trail from the village Silica leads to the ice cave (yellow sign, approximately 0:20 h). Another option is also along the yellow tourist route, but from the signpost „Silická jaskyňa” parking lot (525 m above sea level), which is located in front of the village Silica. The total time to the cave from the parking lot takes about 0:15 h (back 0:15 h).

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Autorka fotografií: Alexandra Ibos