Hrhovský vodopád

The Hrhov waterfall is a 15 meter high Slovak phenomenon, which can be found right in the center of Hrhov.

It is the largest and most abundant waterfall in the Slovak Karst National Park. Many people have never heard of this exceptional place, even though it is located on the main route from Rožňava to Košice. The beautiful waterfall is powered by the Great Head spring, also known as Fej. Water here reaches a speed of up to 866 liters per second, with a maximum flow rate of up to 1000 liters per second. One of the most abundant springs in the past powered up to four mills, today it supplies the adjacent village with drinking water. With a constant flow, the vortex created a layer of travertine up to 16 meters thick, its age is estimated to be 5,000 years. In the past, travertine was even mined on a large scale in this area and used as a building material for houses. The site had attracted a lot of attention from archaeologists who discovered several fossils and findings. Getting to the Hrhov Waterfall is not difficult at all, the navigation boards will take you directly to this place. The location is sought after not only by tourists, but also by families with young children. The village welcomes visitors, navigation boards will take you directly to the place. The entrance consists of a gate with a smaller recreation area and an excellent view of the waterfall. A metal bridge has been built above the highest point, thanks to which visitors can enjoy the 15-meter-high view from above.

How to get there

The village of Hrhov is located next to the 1st class road 16 (I / 16) leading on the route Zvolen – Lučenec – Rožňava and Košice. Furthermore, directional signs point to the waterfall (also from the municipal office).