Waterfalls in Háj are 1 to 7 meters high, they are abundant depending on the amount of precipitation. In winter, waterfalls very often freeze and create ice walls and trinkets. Beautiful works of water and frost are created here. Waterfalls are located in Háj valley (karst gorge) near the road connecting the villages of Háj and Hačava.

The most famous rock formation in the place is the Devil’s Bridge, which is the narrowest point of the valley. The stream here creates cascades and a system of waterfalls of 10 different sizes thanks to the 300 meter level difference.

How to get there:

You can get to the village of Háj by turning from the village Turňa nad Bodvou, which is located on the 1st class road 16 (I / 16) leading on the route Zvolen – Lučenec – Rožňava – Košice.

Continue along the yellow tourist route from the village in the direction of Hačava to the first signpost (Háj waterfalls 360 m above sea level) for about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can find out more about Háj waterfalls at  http://www.slovensky-kras.eu/info/kam-do-prirody/hajske-vodopady/

Autorka fotografií: Alexandra Ibos