Impressive rock formations – walls, terraces, rubble, several inaccessible caves – characterize a small but very nice nature reserve Gerlašské rocks. They are located on the northern slopes of Plešivecká plateau in Slovakia. Gerlašské rocks are a part of the reservation, a cliff rising to a height of 752 m above sea level, which is a nice vantage point. In good weather, you can see the High Tatras. There are up to 17 caves on the plain. The most important of these is the Šingliar Abyss cave- its entrance is located in the western part of the Gerlašské rocks under a high rock cliff. A significant abyss is the Bell Pit.

One of the monuments that can be found there is the Serényi Cistern.

How to get there:

Tourist marked routes lead to Gerlašské  rocks from the village Rakovnica (green 2.15 am) and from the village Štítnik (blue – 1.45 am).

There is a good starting point from the village Kružná along the yellow tourist route to the Veľký vrch crossroads (721 m), from there along the green tourist route to the Gerlašské rocks crossroads (752 m above sea level).

In total, this route can be completed in 1.45 hours.

Be careful on Gerlašské rocks, there is a risk of slipping and danger of fatal injury!!!!!!

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