Become a caveman for a while and visit the unique Krásnohorská Cave. The cave is a unique creation of nature inscribed on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. You can visit it accompanied by experienced guides in complete caving equipment. The tour route leads to the Dripstone of Rožňava Cavers, which is a giant column 34 m high. Until recently, it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest sinter column in the world. You can walk the 450 m long walking route along wooden footbridges, ladders, ropes and sometimes it is necessary to climb directly through the terrain of the cave.

The cave can also be visited by children from the age of 6, but they must be accompanied by an adult up to the age of 15.

How to get there:

The speleological leadership service is located in Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka in the area of ​​the Jozefina boarding house, where there is a leadership service and visitors will receive complete caving equipment. You can get to the pension by turning right at the big bend of the state road in Krásnohorská Dlhá lúka on the right from Jovice and on the left when coming from Lipovník. Continue straight along the path along the bank of the stream and you will come to the pension.

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