The route of the nature trail leads across the village of Čučma, maps the history of mining and metallurgy in the region. From the nine panels it is possible to obtain a lot of information about the significance of this locality and about the times of its greatest glory, when gold, copper and antimony were mined here. The first panel is dedicated to the water source, the other most interesting parts include: Kresanica – hand-dug adit with a hammer and iron with a total length of 240 m (entrance is closed), Zvonica, which announced the beginning and end of the working shift (in 2012, the Terra incognita program supported the repair of the bell tower and became part of the nature trail), the renovated once a horse-powered structure (there is a functional replica). We should start the journey in Rožňava in the Episcopal Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, where there is an altarpiece called Metercia from 1513, which in addition to religious theme is dominated by a realistic depiction of medieval mining and metallurgy on Rozgang in Čučma in the background. It’s a truly exceptional image.

How to get there:

It is only 2 kilometers from Rožňava to the first panel of the educational trail in Čučma. The trail starts under Rozgang near Metercia and the first panel is dedicated to an interesting water source. I will not describe individual panels. You will see for yourself. You won’t get to the Kresanica – hand-dug adit yet. The entrance is closed. Maybe the situation will change soon. The sidewalk ends at the former antimony ore processing plant – Čučma plant.